Halal meat – what it is.

In the code of dietary rules of Muslims, close attention is paid to livestock products and meat in particular. In order for meat to be considered as Halal, you should follow a few basic rules:
• The first rule for Halal meat is that it must not come from pigs that died before slaughter or from sick animals.
• The second law regarding halal meat is the way the animal is slaughtered. The Karan says that the animal must be killed with a very sharp knife, through cutting the neck. During the act of slaughter, the name of Allah should be mentioned (thus demonstrating that this sacrifice was made for the glory of Allah).
• It should also be noted that Karan teaches to treat animals with respect. During slaughter, the minimum amount of pain and suffering must be caused to the animal.
• The third and very important step is to completely get rid of the blood of the animal by hanging the carcass. The fact is that meet with blood is strictly prohibited in Islam.
The essence and benefits of eating halal products.
Speaking about the use of halal products it’s better to note that they are all organic and healthy for the human body. Halal products are always the standard of purity, freshness and high quality. Thus, regardless of religious preferences and beliefs, the choice in favor of halal products is very reasonable.

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