Welcome to our kitchen

Spitak Gar

We unite around us connoisseurs of dishes prepared from lamb and mutton – this meat with a unique taste and aroma.

The value of lamb meat can be estimated only if the meat is of high quality and prepared properly. Winemaking is reviving in Armenia, which means that dishes prepared from lamb will return.


Entrepreneur Karapetyan with his family

Irind Natural

Our suppliers of fresh highland meat are the famous family company Irind Natura, whose motto is “Family-Community-State”.
Irind: a village in the Aragatsotn region of Armenia – Altitude above sea level: 1900m

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How we grill

We grill meat and vegetables on birch coals with addition of grapevine firewood by Armenian company Mugana.
Firewood from the grapevine appreciated by many barbecue lovers. They burn longer, thus give meat a pleasant taste


Field service in the open air

Soon our Spitak Gar kitchen will do catering services for public events.

Our chef Azim Jalolov from Uzbekistan will prepare lamb dishes in the best oriental traditions.
•  Lamb on a spit.
•  Lamb on the fire.
•  Mutton cooked in the ground.
•  Lamb grilled in a portable tandoor.

Spitak Gar guarantees you a high quality service at a reasonable price.