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We unite around us connoisseurs of dishes prepared from lamb and mutton


Original eastern lamb kebab.

Kebab means “fried meat” in Persian. A real Kebab is made from minced lamb from the back leg and with the addition of fat tail.

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We designed four new dishes

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Fish kebab

The fish is cooked on charcoal with the addition
of grape bush.

Pork kebab

Marinated juicy kebab, made according to the
author's recipe for minced pork.


Impressive menu

Special menu by Azim Jalolov a chef from Uzbekistan. A variety of dishes grilled on coals by eastern traditions

BBQ (22)

Kebab (6)

Lamb (14)

Pork (6)

Beef (9)

Chicken (2)

Fish (1)

Vegetables (9)

Pilaf (2)

Snacks (7)

Sauce (3)

Lahmajo (1)

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Azim Jalolov is
our chef from Uzbekistan

Azim Jalilov is a chef from Uzbekistan.
Specialist in Oriental, Uzbek and Uighur Halal cuisine. Azim has experience in Moscow premium restaurants such as Чайхана №1, Лесной.
Invited specially to Armenia for our kitchen.

Order a BBQ delivery to your home

Kebabs and barbecues are cooked and grilled by native chefs in the best traditions of Oriental cuisine. That is the key to an exceptionally delicious taste of our dishes. BBQ delivery is carried out in special containers, which allows to keep the heat and smell.«Spitak Gar» offers various promotional programs and discounts for both regular and new customers. You can order BBQ to your home, office or any needed place. We deliver from 11:00 to 00:00 in Yerevan.
Order online via website or by calling
+374 43 000156.